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in new york city. this is something that will free up more federal funds for people here in long island and in new york city and we will have more on that in just a moment. also coming up in the next half hour, we have delaware governor jack markell. we'll get his assessment of the damage to his state and dennis gartman will talk energy and commodity trading. >> lots of damage to report in the new york city area, more than 50 homes were destroyed by fire last night in breezy point queens. just east of cone any islands, more than 170 firefighters were on the scene. and separately more than 200 patients were evacuated last night from new york university's medical center after power went out. patients some on respirators operating on battery power were taken to other hospitals. and check this video out. a crane on this luxury high rise building, that's under construction, topping over on 57th street, the 90 story building looks over central park. luxury apartments telling for tens of millions of dollars. the crane could be seen blowing in the wind for most of the night and officials there
manhattan is without power, too. getting back to business today. and we will talk to one of the city's biggest landlords, he owns buildings in battery park, which is right in zone a. he also has property on the brooklyn waterfront and much more around the tristate area. he says the damage is already in the tens of millions of dollars, but this is going to be some huge numbers when you start adding up the entire tally. coming up at 7:30 a.m., daniel amond will talk to us first. it is halloween, but not in the state of new jersey, because the governor has postponed halloween here. he's going to be pushing it back to another day. >> i'm not sure it's halloween in a lot of places. we're supposed to have a halloween party at my house tonight. my kids are supposed to be thing 1 and thing 2. i'm supposed to be cat in the hat. and my wife is supposed to be sally. that's what she wanted to be. >> sally is who? >> one of the kids. one of kids. let's get to lower manhattan. lower manhattan is springing to life today after super storm sandy hit the area, flooding the battery. the new york stock
60 miles an hour. 89 in los angeles. 94 degrees in phoenix and 72 in salt lake city. but in terms of your travel weather, it will be dicey in parts of the big sky country. and going left-handed, what you can expect in terms of your air travel, possible delays in chicago and seattle, but no delays at the hubs in l.a., atlanta or even d.c. there you go, you're up to speed both hands. >> way to fgo, reynolds. >> like fifphil connors from grd hog day. coming up, the most accuracy analysis and analysts on wall street, institutional investors unveils its rankings of the best of the best next. and don't forget, the boss today. it's national boss day observed every year on october 16th. the time when workers show extra appreciation to their employers. observance kacreated back in 19 to kiss up to bosses back then for better relations between bosses and their employees. and i decided since all the immediate bosses, all they're doing is kissing up to the next boss basically from what i've seen, i'm going to go right to the top boss. >> oh, no, my friend, you are the caboose. start kissing.
,000 flights have been canceled from washington to boston as those cities brace for flooding and high winds. phil lebeau will have a live report coming up at 6:30 eastern time. . as we've been talking about, the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will be completely shut down today with no stock trading at all. originally the nyse had planned to use its electronic platform, but at this point it has decided to shut trading all together. that happened after it had conversations with other u.s. stock markets and with u.s. regulators, including the sec. and this is the first weather related shut down since hurricane fwlor i can't back in 1985. the cme group is running its urk of usual futures session from 6:00 p.m. to 9:15 a.m. eastern. you will be able to see the stock index futures throughout the morning. they are under pressure right now. cme will be shutting down trading after that time. so depending on the impact of the storm, it's possible the same scenario will be repeated this morning. three companies have canceled earnings reports. pfizer, nrg and entergy. the government still planning
city and notre dame at four and five. you but you got florida and south carolina in there, too. and of interest to becky, number 20 rutgers beat syracuse 23-15. i think cincinnati also won and are ranked now. p. >> of course you also had notre dame. >> we'll talk to the guy from the endowment at notre dame. this is the first time i'm not old enough to know what google is talking about. have you ever heard of this guy, sl nemo and slumberland? like early 1900s when he put together a comic strip which was a prelude to walt disney. just because of high quality cartoon strip. and you have to be really old to have seen this. but google devoted a lot of time to it. >>> let's get to the national weather forecast. danielle banks joins us from the weather channel. >> good morning. hope you're having a great monday. if you're feeling like a sleepy head and finding it's harder to beat that alarm clock, here's why. the rain always makes me tired and you can see who getting clobbered by it. it's shifted over to western north and south carolina and still even our weather channel studios here
than having one in the city. >> if you had one, you'd probably be parked further away. >> about these altimas, do you know what was happening? >> the steering wheels. >> not only that. the bolts could come loose and fall out and you know what that would to. >> yes, you could lose control of the car. >> and it could increase the risk of a car crash. >> but it's not the bolts that are the problem, its he improper torque. >> i don't drive car, i drive motorcycles. but bolts will come off sometimes. >> do you have a side car? >> for you i will get one and take you around the north of thailand. >> just knowing you, i figure you'd have someone in that side car. >> i have racing bikes. >> let's get a quick check on the markets. they's looking to rebound after the big dip on friday. dow futures up by 20, s&p up by about 2, oil prices at this hour are indicated up by about 53 cents. lundberg survey, gasoline prices down by about 8 cents. so starting for see big drops. take a look at the ten year note. yields 1.798%. that's right around where we saw it on friday when it did finally push b
'll find heading into thursday. kansas city, 63 for your day, ten degrees below average, and that cool air continues to work south and east. chicago, you're not even getting out of the 50s. 53 around st. louis. that's nearly 23 degrees below our average. >> thank you very much. >>> when we come back, we have mike jackson, he says he has good news on the state of the u.s. economy. >>> but first as we head to a break, take a look at yesterday's winners and losers. ♪ >>> tomorrow on "squawk box," we're counting down the employment report. our guest host already arianna huffington. we'll talk to the twitter creator and howard schultz. you can't afford to miss "squawk box" starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. which can withstand over three and a half tons. those surprising little still make you take notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready
discussion. >> i ran into a citi employee that was now at morgan stanley and he ran down a list of why citi themselves were unhappy, like a history list that i had forgotten. they didn't sell to goldman sachs when they had the chance. >> the thing that was so weird was you knew all these problems were out there. the timing was bizarre. andrew was filling me on the back story. >> you know what else he told me? he said for employees that own citigroup stock when it was $5 and they did the reverse split, you know when it goes to 50 and then 35. at five, sometimes things go back to 15 and 20. this is not going from 35 to 200. so the minute you split that stock, all the employees knew they were never getting -- they knew they would never get any of it back. it was interesting. but i was glad you were very confident on the phone. it was good. >> we can talk more about it in a little bit. >> we do need to talk more about it. >> are you going to come over here? >> i'm going to. >> we've got a seat for you. >> thank you. >> your mouse pad is on it. don't sit on that. >> i saw that. what's that about
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. today warm numbers. mid-70s oklahoma city, twl dall upper 80s, but the cooler air working its way towards the south. going from the 80s to the 50s in the big d. back to you. >> alex, thank you. >> we have the twitter guy on today, don't we? >> yes rk, we do. >> because i'm slow and people know that. but i was watching last knignig and checking blogs and stuff to see the immediate take. sglifs watchi sgli >> i was watching the twitter feed. >> that didn't occur to me. that's how lame i am. and i saw your husband mentioned me, that i'm probably -- >> you weren't watching twitter? >> no, and i said, oh, wait a minute, why don't i check -- >> hello! >> yes, it works. i could tell immediately. >> they were doing this thing where you could twist and they were having independent voters who would twist something. that is nothing compared to the twitter feed. >> this is a new world. it's amazing. >> the quickest feedback you can ever get p. >> clint eastwood's empty chair suddenly looked more prepared? no that's really not -- anyway, what's coming up? >> when we return, joe, we have an adv
me just mention corbat. great quote. citi's new ceo mike corbat appears promising despite his harvard education. >> that was the op-ed? >> yeah. the first -- >> in their actual editorial. >> between the idea that president obama is the fossil fuel president, the one who has greased the wheels for the fossil fuel industry, wink wink. >> and the phil gramm piece and the letter to the editor from schumer. >> it has everything. yeah, i liked the phil gramm piece, that in previous election, we've never had people that have gotten to depend on the government so much. food stamp number up 65% in this presidency. no other president -- 25% increases. >> do you think this was the worst town tudownturn we've see? >> we've had they will before, but -- >> they weren't around for the great depression. >> but where was i. okay. so one of the first major hedge funds that try to profit from a rebound in the housing market by investing in foreclosed homes is now looking to cash out. reuters is reporting that och-ziff said it wants to exit from that business. we had someone from -- of. >> i don't know i
air mass. so for today, we have some of the sto showers coming to an end. new york city, only reaching 58. farther south, 60s around atlanta, tampa, you'll see some dry skies. florida has been dealing with wet weather over the last several weeks. a little drier for today. some of those lighter showers moving across the upper midwest into the western great lakes, but central southern plain there is to texas, looking pretty good. the big d 82 and partly sunny skies. and then the western half of the nation is all is fair. seattle right around 68 for the day. we have cooler conditions moving in across the northern tier. that's all coming in behind this front which by wednesday will be closer toward the eastern lakes. so now we have a little bit of rain to deal with, rochester, buffalo, syracuse on wednesday. that front heads east as we move into thursday, but makes way for yet another frontal system and that will reinforce the cooler air and also bring us a few more showers to the great lakes. back to you. >>> subpoe&p 500 earnings proje to decline in the third quarter, first time since 20
begins to move up into places c. and new york city. on wednesday, more rain to contend with moving up across a good chunk of new england. so next couple of days not looking so great here in the northeastern part of the nation. detroit in the cool, greatish sort of day with the middle 60s. while that's going on, we have a bit of a chill down on the way. for monday, temperatures across the northern plains in the northern rockies going to be mild. 10 to 15 degrees above average. but cold front comes through, the bottom drops out. 20 degrees below average in billings by wednesday. back on to you. >>> we'll take a quick break, talk presidential politics and what paul ryan says about the romney/ryan tax plan. chools in e world... ...you see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... ...so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a
current cities are suddenly represented in oil and gold, suddenly gold and oil are so high that any gains that you get in your market averages are -- >> and yet crude oil back at -- >> 92, yeah. expressed in either euros or dollar, it's expensive. the ten year note which we know is just able to trade wherever it wants and not being influenced at all by the fed, just at a 1.63%. look at the dollar which has been around 1.28 versus the euro. 1.29 today. and then gold was at a session high, i think it was at a euro all-time high yesterday. down a little bit today. >> right now time for the global markets report. ross westgate is standing by. while you -- >> two days now? >> guess who we get onset with us. >> mr. poulter. that's fantastic. and is that the first interview he's done outside of the event? >> he may have just talked after the event, i guess, and i know he had a few guinnesss after the event. i saw a few pictures yesterday. but he had those same eyes. eyes scare me a little bit. i'm not going to be that nice. because he put a dagger in my heart. i'm going to talk about how well he
some remember max company city? >> i'm glad you're entertaining yourself. >> all preparation that matters, right? >> it is. jarrett, what do you think, are people underestimating the vice president's abilities with paul ryan? >> if they aren't, they shouldn't. he's quick on his feet. he's good at linking things to a narrative. i can't imagine he would want to go into the weeds with paul ryan and talk about budget baselines. he'll talk about the kind of narrative, the middle class, the folks that he believes -- >> the ones buried in the last four years? >> i think joe biden really does connect with average voters in a way most politicians don't. and i think it will be tough. >> tony, you and the steelers, man. anything happens to them, and i got to hear from you. >> i have not had a chance on air to congratulate you with the reds. amazing season. >> thank you. they're 5:1 odds. i think the nationalses are slightly above that. but i checked the game is saturday 8:38. i'm so excited because last time i got to the playoffs, remember what happened? they got no hit. i'm like watchi
about the fresh money coming in for the romney campaign. all that plus states and cities turning to gambling to make up budget shortfalls. we'll bring you a new casino opening up in the battleground state of ohio. first let's get you up to speed on the other top stories. andrew, welcome back. >> good morning. it was decision 2012 in venezuela this weekend. hugo chavez has been reelected. he beat out by a 54-45 margin. in 2006, he won by 27 points. swreker to gives chavez a fresh endorsement of his socialist asian world bank saying brace for slower growth. lowest pace of growth since 2001. and that's predominantly due to the region's exposure to china. and finally, a u.s. congressional committee set to recommend blocking china's big telecom equipment maker from expanding in american markets. leaked report says that there are security risks. >> codo we trust the chinese? >> if you were looking there, i would find another vendor if you care about your indiatakellectu property and the national security of the united states of america. >> that report was something. the full report set
been turned into a very acceptable alternative water front in jersey city, hoboken, that's been turned into an acceptable alternative. people being more expansive about what they're willing to accept. and neighborhoods in manhattan are being opened up, as well. i mean, the lower east side, other places that people never would've considered years ago now are cool. there's plenty of options available. and so, but they're going to be continued pressure on rents as long as high-paying jobs are in new york. if there's a reversal in the financial service industry that's severe, you'll see that whole situation change. >> right. >> that was something that i always expected, though. we just heard that bonuses on wall street are going to be up this year or compensation more broadly will be up. but given all the things we've heard about regulation and what not, did you expect it was going to openly impact real estate? >> i did. i think it's impacting commercial real estate a little bit more than it has residential. >> right. warren buffett said famously a year ago, he said he thought the greatest
away -- i mean, he's a quarterback in new york city at this point. they made a movie called the 40-year-old virgin, john. i mean, it's like -- i don't know. i'm not mocking it. i'm not mocking it. my unwascle was a priest. a good one. anyway, we can either go with that the point that you you wrote the column that vachlt p debates do matter or you probably want to talk all about the swing state poll that we have. >> well, let me do both because the swing state poll set up the debate. first of all, what we've seen nationally is that mitt romney's vote is coming up. he's he closing on obama. he has taken a one point lead in the state of virginia. we've got obama up one point in the state of florida. but those are essentially tied races. the real key for romney is going to be making some more head way in the state of ohio where we show obama up six percentage points, but that's down from eight before. and we've seen romney elsewhere making progress in places like colorado, for example, where obama had held the lead, but mitt romney was in striking distance and he still is. now, the signific
of -- like bronx and all those other places are new york, but not really the city you don't think. brooklyn? >> yeah, it is. i lived in brooklyn for a long time. >> it's a busy morning here. we're waiting for quarterly results from jb more again and wells fargo. plus we're talking about last night's presidential debate. and we're accepting a call of arms of sorts. the mission is to overt the fiscal cliff and even handle some of our long term debt problems because they go hand-in-hand, i think. you can't solve one without solving the other. steve liesman sat down with lloyd blankfein, also alan simpson and erskine bowles. and they set the stage warning of the high stakes for the country and the economy if we don't work this out and the markets. >> somebody could comes to you and says you need play 5% more on your income taxes in order to solve the deficit, are you in favor of that? >> of course. let me use my formulation. if you paid 5% more, you would solve the problem in a heartbeat. i don't know anybody who wouldn't pay that kind of price to benefit our country. the questions that come up
is going on in new york city and cnbc's mary thompson is standing by with a top regulator speaking at the event. who is your special guest? >> my special guest is gary gensler who reports as the chairman of the cftc. thanks for joining us. >> so good to be with you mary. >> pretty important month october 12th you began the registration for swap dealers. what does this mean for investors? >> it means this vast market the swaps market is coming under some of the similar forms that the securities and futures market had since the 1930s. it's going to bring transparency in the markets and ultimately i think lower costs to investors as there's more competition in these markets. >> that being said, there's already been some pushbacks specifically from some of the foreign banks who would have to register if they want to do business with u.s. banks, just today in the "wall street journal" there's a bank in sweden and singapore saying they're not going to do it. how do you make sure the foreign banks are in line with the u.s. banks so all the regulation has a level playing field? >> well, i
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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